We specialize exclusively in the art and application of eyelash extensions. We are dedicated to achieving the most beautiful and long-lasting results while preserving the integrity of your natural lashes.

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Classic Full Set

Individually applied eyelashes will last up to 6 weeks with proper maintenance. Perfect for clients who already have a lot of lashes, but want to add more length.

Russian Volume Full Set

Handmade & customized fans of lashes are safely applied using 2-5 fine extensions per natural lash. From 2D to 5D, from full to voluminous extensions.

Mega Volume Full Set

5D-16D extensions are applied to each natural lash. The thinnest and the most lightweight extensions on the market are used without compromising the integrity of the natural lashes. The fullest possible, red carpet ready lashes.

Kim K Style (Strip Lash Look) Full Set

Wispy look is achieved by using different volume techniques, mixing extension lengths, curls and thicknesses perfectly spaced apart.

Colored Lash Design (2+ colors)

Over 30 colors available. Can be customized to brighten up the eye or hair color or create an eye shadow look. Brown lashes and adding 1 color is complementary to any other set.

Lash Lift & Tint

Helps to achieve a stunning, wide-eyed look, while keeping your natural lashes intact. Lifting results last up to 8 weeks, tinting up to 2 weeks.

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Alena Riviere

Our master artist Alena Riviere is a certified eyelash extensions artist with 2 years of experience. Her love and passion for lash artistry leads her to learn from the best lash trainers in the world and win international championships. Her mission in this industry is to inspire beauty and creativity. Among her achievements are:

2018 - Eyelash Extensions Training Course with Ruzana Romanova, NYC Microblading & Permanent Makeup Studio, Brooklyn NY
2018 - Eyelash Lifting & Tinting Course with Ruzana Romanova, NYC Microblading & Permanent Makeup Studio, Brooklyn NY
2019 - “Kim Kardashian’s Effect” with Malika Nauryzova, “Lashes Vis-a-Vis” Kazakhstan
2019 - “7 Volume Techniques” with Yulia Subbitina, Subbotina Lashes, Ukraine
2019 - “Mega Volume” with Lydia Dominick, LashBox LA, New York
2019 - Lash Marathon, 1 month online Training Course with 25 speakers, Russia
2019 - “Lash Artist: Coloring” with Anna Yarovaya, Russia
2019 - “Lash Photography” with Anna Yarovaya, Russia
2019 - “LashChance Artistry Technique” with Carol Jaame, Connecticut
2019 - NYC Volume Lash Cup, 1st place in Classic Eyelash Extensions, junior category
2019 - NYC Volume Lash Cup, 1st place in Kim K. Style Eyelash Extensions
2019 - NYC Volume Lash Cup, 2nd place in 3D Volume Eyelash Extensions, master category

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Alina is amazing! She really takes time to do the best quality work, and lashes last a long time (even as long as 5 weeks). She never disappoints. I typically like a dramatic, but still a natural look of my lashes. I could never survive without a lash primer and two layers of mascara. Now my lashes look very full and dark with the 'Russian doll' lashes. I don't have to use mascara at all now. They always look perfect!! I will never go back!

Sonya Nik on

Alena is so knowledgeable and passionate about her work, a true professional. Her work is total art. I love my lashes every single time! I feel so beautiful everyday even without makeup. I’ve had lash extensions before many times and I can say with confidence, Alena’s work is truly the best.

Sue B on

Alena is amazing! From booking an appointment right to the end. She makes sure she listens to what you want and shows you every option and look that is perfect for you. She is so good you don't even feel a thing and you'd be so comfortable you just fall asleep. Will definitely go back.

Sherryl P on

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Is it safe for my eyes and natural lashes?

We are highly experienced and provide impeccable seamless application, perfectly isolating every lash. Our job is to maintain the health of the natural lashes while enhancing the look. We use high quality synthetic eyelash extensions and Latex/Formaldehyde free, medical grade glue. We source the best products from all over the world. We simply learn from the best and we buy from the best. Among our favorite brands are Borboleta, Lash Makers, London Lash Pro, LashBox LA. Please inform us about any allergies and sensitivities prior to your lash appointment. Patch test is recommended and can be scheduled 3-7 days before the appointment.

What is the procedure?

You will come in to our cozy studio with spa music on to have a relaxing time while we do our job. Consultation is given to determine your desired look. It is totally customizable so it is important for us to understand your preferences as well as your lifestyle. During the application process some clients like to catch up with some sleep and others like to chat. We apply extensions on every natural lash except for the baby-lashes that need more time to grow. The procedure takes around 1,5 - 2,5 hours depending on the style you choose and the amount of natural lashes.

What is the maintenance?

It is important to keep your lashes free from water, steam and sweat for the first 24 hours. After 24 hours: wash your lashes daily using Lash Cleanser, don’t use oily products, strip lashes or mascara to help the extensions last longer. Brush them every day and avoid rubbing and pulling them.

How long do they last?

A full set will last 4-7 weeks depending on the amount of the natural lashes (the more natural lashes you have - the more extensions are applied), natural lash growth cycle and the maintenance. Refills are required every 2-4 weeks to maintain the original look.

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